Bassoon and Contra Bassoon

Jim Hohlfeld’s adventures with the bassoon and contrabassoon began in the late 1950s when his music teacher walked into class, held up a case, and said “Who wants to learn the bassoon?” Jim’s hand shot up. He was picked, and he’s never regretted it.

Jim played with the All-Southern-California Junior High School Orchestra, continued playing in high school and college, and grew to love music and the bassoon in particular. His career goals took him in other directions for decades. It was only as he was approaching retirement that he picked up the bassoon once again.

Once fully retired, Jim played the bassoon with many ensembles in both central Arizona, and Southern California. Music once again took pride of place in his life. He often says, “It’s what I do!”

When the opportunity came to play with Corona Symphony Orchestra, Jim leapt at the chance. The experience of playing with CSO has given Jim great pleasure, and has helped him grow as a musician even in his “golden years.” He is grateful and honored to play with this outstanding ensemble.