Clark first picked up the cello at the age of 9 and has enjoyed immersing himself in music and the arts ever since!

While cello has remained his primary passion, he also enjoyed learning to play some of the single-reed woodwind instruments to participate in a greater variety of music ensembles over the years. In addition to performing in a handful of pit orchestras, Clark’s love for theatre too has extended to technical theatre, having previously volunteered for his hometown community theatre’s stage crew. Though he has more recently stepped away from actively participating in the theatre world, he and his wife enjoy offering their support as patrons, often catching a few shows throughout the year!

After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Musical Arts and minors in Public Relations and Recreation Tourism in the Spring of 2010, Clark made the move from Cleveland, Ohio to Southern California to pursue a career with Disney. Currently, he works at the Disneyland Resort as a Pre-Production Specialist for the Imagination Campus, the primary department that coordinates and provides performance and workshop experiences for youth and community organizations at the parks. In his role, he has been thankful to work alongside a number of talented individuals who share his passion and love for the arts and education.

Many thanks to Don, Marco, and the Corona Symphony staff! He is grateful for the opportunity to continue to perform and be a part of this incredible ensemble of musicians.