MARCO A. MEJIA, Music Director and Conductor

A native of Riverside California, Marco A. Mejia has been a talented emerging conductor and music director in Southern California; conducting highly reviewed orchestral, pop, and opera performances throughout the region and abroad. The maestro holds Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from CBU where he participated in all major performing ensembles in the School of Music. During his studies at the School of Music he was the director of the pep band, a vocal small group leader, served as president of the Concert Band, and a four-year member of the Choir and Orchestra under Dr. Gary Bonner. Mr. Mejia also holds a Master of Music degree from California State University Fullerton where he studied orchestral conducting under the tutelage of Maestro Kimo Furumoto and Dr. Robert Istad. At CSUF, Mr. Mejia served as the graduate conductor for the symphony orchestra, and worked with the Opera Department as assistant conductor. Both a clarinetist and vocalist, Mr. Mejia has studied under international concertizing clarinetist, Hakan Rosengren, and Vanguard University’s head of vocal faculty, Dr. Susan Reed. Maestro Mejia is in the midst of conducting his seventh season as Music Director/Conductor for the Corona Symphony Orchestra, Corona California. Mr. Mejia continues to be a sought after music director and seeks to cultivate a rich musical history within the local community presenting musical performances for the masses; making every performance he conducts a musical experience that portrays creative programming and musical excellence.

Along with his endeavors as music director and conductor for the Corona Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Mejia is the Director of Bands and Music for Southlands Christian Schools, and the Pastor of Worship Arts for First Baptist Church of Alhambra. Within the artistic community, Maestro Mejia has also served as music director and guest conductor for a variety of symphonic, theater, and opera organizations throughout Southern California including: Opera A La Carte, Coachella Valley Symphony, Irvine Symphony, the California Chinese-American Orchestra, Junior University Theater, and In the Company Theater. Maestro Mejia has attended workshops with conductors like, Dianne Witry (Author of Beyond the Baton), David Hoose (Director of Orchestral Studies at Boston College) and David Zimmerman (Director of Orchestral Studies at Hartt School of Music). Mr. Mejia is a proud member of the Conductor’s Guild, and the National Association for Music Educators and is currently working towards a DMA at Claremont Graduate University.



I have the honor of opening each concert.  I walk out on the stage, pick up the microphone and begin with “Good evening and welcome…”. What is uniquely special about performing this opening event are the musicians behind me. Each of these musicians has devoted their lives to their craft. They have chosen music above most other priorities in their lives to challenge themselves to attain a level of performance they haven’t reached until this night. Ever practicing, rehearsing and learning, musicians never settle. They strive to improve. Whether our musicians have a bachelor degree, masters or PhD, they are students perpetually striving to perform each piece as the composer intended their composition to be performed. I am proud of the Corona Symphony Orchestra Team and look forward to the next time I have the honor to stand before them. Don Kindred, Executive Director

<strong>Bass Clarinet</strong><br>
Christy Mazzeferro
Bass Clarinet
Christy Mazzeferro
<strong>English Horn</strong><br>Brian Mitchell</br>
English Horn
Brian Mitchell
<strong>Bass Trombone</strong><br>
Robert Todd Jr.
Bass Trombone
Robert Todd Jr.
<strong>Tuba</strong><br>Anthony Mazzaferro</br>
Anthony Mazzaferro
Yeo Wang - Michael Yeh<br>John Phillips - Cynthia Covert <br>Jordan Horwich* - Eric Lesser<br>Anne-Marie Alexander
Yeo Wang - Michael Yeh
John Phillips - Cynthia Covert
Jordan Horwich* - Eric Lesser
Anne-Marie Alexander
<strong>Harp</strong><br>Justin Tiu</br>
Justin Tiu
Jason Artz* - Aaron Sherer
Jason Artz* - Aaron Sherer
<strong>Oboe</strong><br>Brian Mitchell - Karen Bryson<br>Cindy Smit*</br>
Brian Mitchell - Karen Bryson
Cindy Smit*
<strong>Eb Clarinet</strong><br>Christy Mazzafiero
Eb Clarinet
Christy Mazzafiero
Rebecca Berland - Sarah Krueger<br>Chuck Stewart - Ben Eby<br>Everado Trujilolo
Rebecca Berland - Sarah Krueger
Chuck Stewart - Ben Eby
Everado Trujilolo
<strong>D. Bass</strong><br>
Ryan Baird - Robert Winokur<br>Vance Miller - Les Woodson*
D. Bass
Ryan Baird - Robert Winokur
Vance Miller - Les Woodson*
<strong>Piano</strong><br>Robert Hinton</br>
Robert Hinton
<strong>Percussion</strong><br>Kevin McGee - Desmond Clark<br>Mark Zerkle*</br>
Kevin McGee - Desmond Clark
Mark Zerkle*
Jazz Vu
Jazz Vu
Kristy Nichols* - Zach Nichols
Kristy Nichols* - Zach Nichols
<strong>Flute</strong><br>Patricia Maggs* - Amy Martens<br>Jazz Vu</br>
Patricia Maggs* - Amy Martens
Jazz Vu
<strong>Trumpet</strong><br>Kevin Miller - Josiah Chasteen<br>Zak Graff - Matt Bausman</br>
Kevin Miller - Josiah Chasteen
Zak Graff - Matt Bausman
<strong>Trombone</strong></br>Jim McCormick - Daniel Ridgway*<br>Moises Cortes</br>
Jim McCormick - Daniel Ridgway*
Moises Cortes
<strong>Violin</strong><br>Dan Adams - Miguel Aguierre<br>Luis Morataya - Josue Reyna<br>Brian Thiebaux - Noemy Wheeler**<br>Taylor Sullivan - Isaac Siebelink<br>Trevor Lloyd - Mishkar Nunez Mejia</br>
Dan Adams - Miguel Aguierre
Luis Morataya - Josue Reyna
Brian Thiebaux - Noemy Wheeler**
Taylor Sullivan - Isaac Siebelink
Trevor Lloyd - Mishkar Nunez Mejia
<strong>Viola</strong><br>Will Kellogg</br>
Will Kellogg